Use Cases

Examples of what you can build with EqualTo Sheets.

Headless calculation engine

Run complex spreadsheets in your software, on the server or in the browser. Show results to end users. Maintain spreadsheets as code.

Embed spreadsheets in SaaS

Display spreadsheets directly in your software. Let users modify data and formulas without ever leaving your app.

Flexible dashboarding system

Let users analyze data in a spreadsheet-like environment. Transform and combine data using spreadsheet formulas. Build charts and graphs on top.

Spreadsheet markup

Manage spreadsheets using markup. Embed and maintain sophisticated calculators and models in Jamstack websites.

Dynamic messaging

Enable users to create dynamic and personalized messages. Decide who sees what using familiar spreadsheet formulas.

Object scoring

Score database objects using spreadsheet formulas. Enable sophisticated configuration in your platform through a familiar interface.