Sales Competition Idea: Ocean Race 2022

Looking for a great sales competition idea? The Ocean Race workbook lets you simulate an Ocean transatlantic race with up to 10 sales teams.

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Sales Competition Idea: Ocean Race 2022

As a sales manager, you want to improve performance management to boost morale and sales performance amongst team members. Sales gamification gives your sales reps the excitement and variety needed to nudge them towards their sales goals. We came up with the sales competition idea that will stand out and be fun for sales managers and team members a-like. 

The Ocean Race is one of our favorite sales contest ideas which entices healthy competition and rewards top performers in a fair way.

The Ocean Race contains 8 legs and each leg is scored individually: whoever gains the most points at the end of the race is crowned the winner.

The Ocean Race workbook comes with four sheets:

  • Dashboard: Pictured above, this provides a real-time view of the race as well as the competition scoreboard. Competition participants should only view this sheet: the other sheets in the workbook are for configuration only.
  • About: Describes the competition at a high level.
  • Config: The competition admin will use this sheet to configure the competition and participant progress.
  • Data: This is for internal use and should not be modified.

Which KPI will you measure to track progress? The template allows you to be flexible with your KPIs; however, here are some examples:

  1. For each of the next 8 weeks track which team can get to "100 rejections" first. One rejection corresponds to 1% progress in the leg. The sales manager will update this tracking workbook every morning.
  2. Each team has a sales target for the month. For the next 8 months you can track the progress towards that target on a daily basis: attaining 100% of the target corresponds to completing the leg in the sailing contest.

Once you have a winning team, here are some ideas of how to reward them:

Other than money sales incentives, you can reward your team in many ways such as allowing the winning team to leave early, awarding them with fantasy football or a bowling trip, or simply a gift card. We recommend getting creative and asking your team which prize they would like.

For more great sales competition ideas, check out our blog post: 7 Effective and Easy Sales Contest Ideas.

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