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Free Company Offsite Checklist

Our handy, free checklist will help you to plan a great team offsite using an easy-to-use Google Sheet.

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Free Company Offsite Checklist

What is a company offsite?

A company offsite is a company-organized trip, lasting several days, to a pleasant location. During this time, there will be fun activities and team building, as well as normal work.

Why is an offsite important?

 A company offsite is:

  • An important method for strengthening company culture
  • A great opportunity for teams to get to know each other (especially important in a remote-first company)
  • A fantastic perk for your employees
  • An ideal change of scenery for your teams

However, whilst beneficial, planning an offsite can be challenging.

But don’t worry! We have created an easy-to-use checklist to help you create a memorable experience for your teams minus the stress.

How to use this checklist: 

The checklist is formed on a Google Sheet where you can easily work your way through the points that you must consider when planning your offsite, and tick off what you have completed.

Good luck in planning your offsite!

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