Free Commission Compliance Scorecard

This high-level commission compliance scorecard is designed to identify compliance risks in your commission process. Get your free commission compliance scorecard today!

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Free Commission Compliance Scorecard

Are you confident that your commission process is compliant? Compliance is vital for your business and non-compliance can lead to serious penalties.

To save yourself time and worry, simply complete this survey and understand your risk status and overall compliance score. You can then easily take action from the data results to improve your overall compliance.

This survey will provide your compliance score and advice on how to improve.

Topics covered in the survey are:

  • Sales commission system
  • Information security
  • Business continuity
  • Access control
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Payout approval process
  • Internal audit, audit trail
  • Change management, adjustments, and corrections
  • Period locks
  • Plan reviews and sign-offs
  • Business continuity
  • IFRS15 / ASC606 compliance

If you want to learn more about commission compliance, you can read our blog post: How to improve your sales commission compliance.

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Free compliance scorecard

Take our free survey to get your free commission compliance scorecard today!

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