Create a new plan, by adapting a sales commission structure template or designing your own

Our library includes many commission structures designed with industry best practices. You don't have to start from scratch.
EqualTo performs calculations with spreadsheet formulas that you are already familiar with. You don't have to learn anything new.
Design a plan once and assign it to an entire team. Reduce errors and save time.
Personalize your plan to accommodate the targets and characteristics of each rep. Done!

Approve deals as soon as they close and instantly calculate commissions

EqualTo has a simple process for submitting deals as soon as they close. Avoid a last minute rush before payroll.
Approve deals and resolve any disputes inside the app instead of via email.
EqualTo notifies everyone to complete their tasks before the next payroll.
Payments are automatically calculated as soon as deals are entered. Real-time results without manual work.
EqualTo automatically accounts for historic payments, advances, bridges and clawbacks for each employee. No more shadow accounting.

Motivate your team with real-time progress tracking and public praise

Track progress of your team and provide your reps with up-to-date information on their compensation. No need for guesswork.
Provide a sandbox to let sales reps understand their potential compensation. Maximize the impact of your incentive plans.
Foster a transparent culture by giving reps the ability to drill down to each formula. Prevent disputes and increase retention.
Celebrate success and publicly reward achievements. Motivate your teams and improve performance.

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