Motivate your sales teams and fuel growth with smart sales commission management

The sales commission plan is considered a powerful tool for a CFO, CRO or VP of Sales to reinforce strategy, motivate their team and build a high-performing sales culture. Yet sales commissions remain largely underused, as most companies rely on spreadsheets and outdated software for managing and rolling out incentive plans.

EqualTo helps organizations to take control over the process to maximize the ROI on sales commissions. With our no-code, sales commission operating system, we've done a complete re-think of how commissions should be handled for modern, fast-growing teams:

- Turn your painful commission process into a smooth, effortless operation that saves time

- Increase motivation by offering full transparency to employees 💪

- Create a single source of truth for commissions that integrates seamlessly with your tech stack (CRM, payroll, ERP, etc.) ⚙️

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how you can maximize the impact of your sales commissions. 


Kim Bergstrand
Co-Founder and CRO at EqualTo