Upgrade your commission spreadsheets with EqualTo

EqualTo is redefining commission management. Take a look at the advantages of EqualTo over a spreadsheet-based commission process.

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Why companies choose
EqualTo over spreadsheets


Keep using spreadsheets, but in a more scalable fashion

We love spreadsheets! That's why we designed EqualTo with spreadsheets at the core. Leverage your spreadsheet expertise to create scalable incentive plans on EqualTo.


Fully automate your commission process

When you calculate commissions with spreadsheets, you always have some manual steps. You need to copy your workbook, refresh your data, and email the statements. Each manual step opens the door to errors.

EqualTo lets you keep the convenience of spreadsheets, while fully automating the rest of the process.


Improve compliance and auditability

Spreadsheets are great, but they can pose challenges for compliance. Can you answer questions about changes made to a spreadsheet from 6 months ago? Why was a certain value in a cell modified? Did the person who made that change have permission to do so? Where is all this documented?

EqualTo provides enterprise-grade compliance and auditability to your commission process.


Implement secure approval workflows

Implementing an approval process on a spreadsheet-based workflow generally means emails, slack messages, and the occasional phone call. This is error-prone, difficult to enforce, and almost impossible to audit at a later date.

EqualTo provides a flexible approval process that can be easily audited at a later date.


Benefit from real-time commission projections

You can only definitively determine commission obligations when you run your spreadsheet-based commission process.

With EqualTo, you can obtain real-time information on your commission obligations.


Amortization of Deferred Sales Commission

We know a thing or two about how to properly amortize your sales commissions so that you're compliant with ASC 606 and IFRS 15.


Deploy real-time dashboards to your team

One of the big benefits of automation is you can provide real-time information to your team. EqualTo takes it a step further, and lets you provide highly engaging, real-time dashboards to visualize commission earnings.

Automate, control and scale your commission process with EqualTo.

“EqualTo is the single source of truth for our sales commissions that integrates seamlessly with our tech stack.”

Felix Jahn

Felix Jahn

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