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While there are many great commission platforms out there, our modern solution sets a new standard in usability and flexibility. Let’s take a look at how EqualTo compares to Spiff to help you in your decision.

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Why companies choose
EqualTo over Spiff


More flexible data integrations

Spiff struggles to transform and combine data from multiple data sources. And if your data sits in your own proprietary system, Spiff might not be able to help you at all. EqualTo provides the most flexible data integration options in the industry, meeting your evolving needs as your grow your business.


Free trial

EqualTo will always provide you a free trial with some of your sample data, to facilitate your purchasing decision.



With EqualTo, anyone can inspect calculations, which are defined in standard spreadsheet-based formulas. Spiff isn’t as transparent.


No-code solution with real spreadsheet support

Unlike Spiff, which uses a proprietary system for composing incentive plans, EqualTo provides a very familiar spreadsheet environment to define your commission logic.


Enterprise-grade controlling

EqualTo provides the most flexible review process to ensure you can apply the "four eyes" principle to all commission payments.


Automated corrections

Unlike Spiff, an EqualTo plan always supports automated corrections. The days of manual corrections are over!


Open API

EqualTo is an API-first platform, so you can easily integrate it deeply into your wider technology environment.

Automate, control and scale your commission process with EqualTo.

“EqualTo is the single source of truth for our sales commissions that integrates seamlessly with our tech stack.”

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Felix Jahn

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