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EqualTo is the better alternative to Performio and is turning the heads of fast growing businesses. Take a look at this comparison of EqualTo vs Performio to help you decide which commission process to choose.

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Why companies choose
EqualTo over Performio

Choosing a commission platform is an important decision which, if done well, can vastly improve the growth of your business and the satisfaction of your teams. Take a look at this comparison of EqualTo vs Performio to aid you in this decision making process.


Easier to use and better designed

EqualTo is the most modern commission platform out there, with the highest standard of UX design.


Free trial

Unlike a lot of commission software, EqualTo will always provide you with a free trial, using some of your sample data, so that you can verify that EqualTo meets your requirements.



We have created a fully transparent commission platform where anyone on your team can easily inspect calculations and understand their own earnings. Performio is often difficult for users to navigate.


No-code solution with real spreadsheet support

Unlike Performio, which relies heavily on the implementation team, EqualTo provides a familiar spreadsheet environment to define your commission plans.


Enterprise-grade controlling

Performio lacks sophisticated auditing and controlling capabilities, whereas EqualTo provides a highly customizable review process, as well as full enterprise grade system logs, to ensure proper compliance.


Automated corrections

Unlike Performio, an EqualTo plan always supports automated corrections to keep your commission process as accurate and pain-free as possible.

Automate, control and scale your commission process with EqualTo.

“EqualTo is the single source of truth for our sales commissions that integrates seamlessly with our tech stack.”

Felix Jahn

Felix Jahn

Founder and CEO


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