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Our mission is to fix commissions–driving individual and business growth.

The EqualTo team in the Warsaw office.

To accomplish this, we are redefining commission management. With EqualTo, business and technical teams can fully automate the commission process and increase transparency with real-time data and insights.

Over the past decade, modern businesses have automated most core processes. However, when it comes to commissions, the majority are still relying on manual workflows or complex, outdated solutions. As a result, commissions often remain a source of frustration.

EqualTo’s software and APIs set a new standard for how companies manage commissions and motivate teams with real-time data. We provide the missing piece of infrastructure needed to fully automate the commission process and maximize the impact of incentives.

Our platform acts as the single source of truth for commissions, and seamlessly connects core infrastructure such as your CRM, data warehouse, HRS, payroll, and accounting systems. A stateless commission engine allows for automated corrections, while powerful APIs provide real-time performance data and insights where needed.

Our story

When managing sales commissions at our previous startups, we were using spreadsheets. It mostly worked when we were small, but it became a pain to manage as we grew bigger.

The products we saw on the market to manage sales commissions were all underwhelming. They had poor UX, were difficult to integrate with, and were too complex to maintain in-house. We didn't want to be at the mercy of expensive consultants, so we reluctantly stuck with spreadsheets.

As it turns out, we were not alone. Many companies, even very large ones, still use spreadsheets or homegrown solutions for sales commissions.

From this insight came our vision for EqualTo: a platform that automates commissions while retaining the flexibility of spreadsheets, with powerful integration capabilities and an amazing user experience. EqualTo is the product we wished we had at our first startup, now enabling other high-growth companies to maximize the impact of their commissions.

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