About us

EqualTo is a Software-as-a-Service company based in Germany. We create transparent sales commission software for startups and SMEs. The problem we solve: calculating sales commissions in spreadsheets doesn't scale.

Most SMEs use a sales commission tracker in excel, or a collection of google spreadsheets. But as companies grow, they have more deal data to collect and verify, and an ever increasing number of spreadsheets to maintain.
The last minute rush to calculate commissions, make adjustments and resolve disputes takes an increasing amount of time, and involves more and more people. Over time, the 'free' spreadsheet-based process becomes expensive. That’s what happened to us when building our previous SaaS company, and that’s why we created EqualTo.


Our vision and mission

Our vision is to support companies in building a work culture that is based on trust, transparency and flexibility.

Our mission is to create transparent sales commission software that minimizes the administrative burden and maximizes motivation and performance .

Our story

How did this begin? With a love of spreadsheets!

Spreadsheets are widely used to solve all sorts of business problems, and for good reason. Spreadsheet technology is a versatile, stateless programming language with a smooth learning curve and an intuitive data representation. It's so easy to learn that many people don't realize that when they build a spreadsheet they're actually programming custom software.

To calculate sales commission and bonuses, many companies use spreadsheets. So did we (the founders of EqualTo), when we ran our previous software company. We had a large collection of spreadsheets for our employees. It mostly worked when we were very small, but it became a pain to manage as we got bigger.

With EqualTo, we have created the product we wish we had when we ran our previous company, and now we help startups and SMEs to manage their sales commissions in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be needed.

Uniquely, our product can be easily self-serviced using our proprietary spreadsheet technology - our customers do not need any expensive external consultants. You can easily configure and deploy incentive plans with our spreadsheet technology, all within a robust and scalable SaaS application.

We have created the product we wish we had when we ran our previous SaaS company

Management team

Diarmuid Glynn
Diarmuid Glynn
Diarmuid (from Galway, Ireland) is a serial entrepreneur and passionate about creating business software that people love to use. Diarmuid is former CTO and co-founder of BaseCase, and has a BSc in mathematics and computer science.
Gijs Hubben
Gijs Hubben
Gijs (from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands) is an entrepreneur with a background in pharmacy and health economics (PhD). Gijs is former CEO and co-founder of BaseCase, and was responsible for a large sales and business development team, where he experienced first hand the challenges of managing sales commissions and bonuses.

We're hiring!

If you’d like to work at EqualTo, please send your CV to jobs@equalto.com.
We’re always looking for talented and motivated people to join our team, so we’ll keep your résumé at hand.