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Transparent, frictionless, consistent - my first two weeks at EqualTo

Two weeks ago I joined EqualTo as part of the executive team in the Director of Marketing and Revenue Operations role. My first two weeks at EqualTo couldn’t have been any smoother. The whole team welcomed me with ‘virtual’ open arms and have been a pleasure to work with.

The stars have aligned

When I explain my decision to have joined this ambitious start-up, I summarize it with, “the stars have aligned” - let me elaborate why. 

Besides the agile company culture that attracted me to join this team, I could not have looked past the benefits that EqualTo’s sales commission OS brings to the market. 

Before joining EqualTo as Director of Marketing and Revenue Operations, earlier in my Sales Operations role, I had the ‘pleasure’ of managing sales commission plans. Similarly to many organizations, we designed and managed all commission plans in spreadsheets. As that company grew so did the demand for an automated sales commission solution. During the evaluation process, this was before EqualTo was founded in 2020, we considered many providers. The tool selected ticked most of the boxes but required a complicated implementation and lengthy on-boarding process.

A solution that offers the simplicity and familiarity of a spreadsheet

During those days in the sales operations role, what we needed was a solution that offered the simplicity and familiarity of a spreadsheet with no-code automation and seamless integration into a CRM. EqualTo offers exactly that.

I've been a buyer and power user of commission software myself and I've experienced directly how current products are falling short. Having this hands-on experience combined with my marketing background will help us position EqualTo as a game changing sales commission solution on the market. 

Sales incentives and commissions are a key ingredient to every sales organization. Sales commission plans are designed with individual needs and various tiers, but they are often inconsistent and obscure. Managing these plans is usually associated with human errors, enormous time consumption, internal conflicts, complicated setups and integrations.

Managing Sales Commissions is a delight! … said no one ever and I speak from experience here.

EqualTo is going to change that mindset for good! 

I am truly excited, what we at EqualTo have to offer to our customers: 

  • Frictionless transition from spreadsheets allowing customers to stay in control over their plans
  • Real-time insights for employees on commission earnings, increasing transparency and motivation
  • Reduction in admin burden with automation and integration
  • Consistent data with a single source of truth for commissions

As you can see the stars have indeed aligned. EqualTo is exactly the company I was hoping to join and our sales commission OS is the solution the market desires!

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