EqualTo × McMakler – Customer testimonial

Rising as one of Europe’s fastest-growing proptechs, McMakler is a hybrid real estate transaction platform.

June 9, 2022


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Kim Bergstrand
Kim Bergstrand
EqualTo × McMakler – Customer testimonial
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Rising as one of Europe’s fastest-growing proptechs, McMakler is a hybrid real estate transaction platform. Located in Germany, the company has grown since its launch in 2015 to include over 400 in-house real estate agents. Its revolutionary platform combines machine learning and big data to facilitate thousands of transactions each year.

McMakler prides itself on being data-driven and transparent while offering excellent process quality. Striving for high standards even in this period of rapid growth, the operations team was investing an increasing amount of time in a manual, error-prone commission process. Looking to automate, McMakler decided to streamline commission management with the no-code sales commission platform EqualTo.

“At McMakler, we don’t want to use human capital to communicate back and forth things that should be automated. It’s just a waste of time and money.”
Raphael Thelen, VP of Finance at McMakler


McMakler found that exceptions and corrections were a huge stumbling block to keeping its commission process agile. The risk of error was high as data moved in and out of various systems and spreadsheets. Any mistakes in personnel or sales data led to incorrect payouts.

As its growth continued, correcting commissions became more time-consuming and complex every pay period. There was only one person in the entire company who could make sense of the process and take care of corrections. When corrections occurred, agents were informed via email. However, they lacked an individual overview of all earnings and changes made.

“We want everything to be state-of-the-art, sales commissions included. It’s our responsibility to provide our colleagues with a clear overview of their earnings.”
Raphael Thelen, VP of Finance at McMakler

McMakler knew it needed a solution that provided fast, accurate payouts and transparency for its agents.

❌ McMakler's manual commission process before EqualTo

  • Error-prone
  • Single-person dependency
  • Earnings unclear
  • Time-consuming


EqualTo’s innovative approach to commissions software caught McMakler’s attention. Raphael Thelen, McMakler’s VP of Finance, said, “We hadn’t heard of anything like EqualTo before, but we tend to opt for dynamic and agile solutions that are specific to our needs. And I could see potential in EqualTo's approach.”

Commission calculations and corrections with EqualTo is a major game-changer for McMakler. EqualTo’s seamless integration with McMakler’s tools takes care of the previously manual work. Now data flows smoothly in and out of systems like Salesforce, where sales data is stored. Users find EqualTo’s platform easy-to-use, and timely commissions no longer rely on a single person. Payouts are automated, correct, and punctual, saving everyone time.

“This process is smoother, less time-consuming, and less dependent on key personnel. Even if we double in numbers, our sales commissions process won’t be impacted by our growth.”
Raphael Thelen, VP of Finance at McMakler

Transparency and compliance are also top of mind for McMakler. In EqualTo, agents can access an overview of their earnings and track all commission changes. Every commission has an audit trail. Plus, with approval workflows in EqualTo, all stakeholders can discuss and review commissions in one centralized location.

With commissions automation in place, McMakler can continue to scale its growth. Mr. Thelen says, “EqualTo’s team has been pleasant and responsive during our onboarding. They’re also incredibly proactive with new ideas about making our experience with their platform even better. We’re excited to see what’s next with EqualTo!”

✅ Commissions with EqualTo

  • Accurate
  • Efficient
  • Transparent
  • Compliant
  • User-friendly

EqualTo is a next-generation commission platform, setting a new standard for how companies manage commissions and motivate teams. Get a demo now

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