Our story

We’re a team of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs with decades worth of experience building spreadsheet-powered SaaS products.

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Spreadsheets: The programming language of business

Spreadsheets are used on a daily basis in almost every business to define processes, run calculations and solve problems. Combining versatility with a flat learning curve, the spreadsheet is the most popular programming environment in the world.

But spreadsheets weren’t designed to support software development. In fact, as a developer, spreadsheets can be a real pain to work with.

For example, with existing spreadsheet products, you can’t:

manage and revision spreadsheets with the collaborative tooling developers want to use (git / pull requests, etc)
"run" an external spreadsheet in an application, and
test and release updates to spreadsheet logic

Because of this, spreadsheets aren’t suitable for integrating with software. We’ve experienced this firsthand. In our previous startups we frequently tried to integrate spreadsheet capabilities in SaaS, but found it to be incredibly difficult. The lack of high-performing, modern spreadsheet tech with a good developer experience ultimately led to us building EqualTo Sheets.

By giving developers a spreadsheet toolkit that is powerful and easy to build with, our mission is to bridge the gap between engineers and business users – improving collaboration, and ultimately leading to better software.

Our investors

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Individual investors

Chris Schagen
Former CMO, Contentful
Christian Stiebner
Christopher Huesmann
Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Flashenpost
Daniel Rogers
Co-founder, Peakon
Felix Jahn
CEO, McMakler
Johannes Schaback
CTO, SumUp
Johannis Hatt
CEO, Productsup
Jonas Rieke
COO, Personio
Markus Harder
CFO, DeepL
Martin Rost
SVP, Zalando
Michael Mitterlehner
Niklas Plath
Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Flashenpost
Oliver Manojlovic
VP Sales, Personio
Peter Livingston
Phil Chambers
Co-founder, Peakon
Philipp Kreibohm
Founder, home24
Robert M. Maier
Founder, Visual Meta
Rodrigo Martinez
Stephen Weich
CEO/CFO, Flashenpost