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Next Generation
Commission Management


EqualTo sets a new standard for how companies manage commissions and motivate teams with real-time data.

Fast-growing companies use EqualTo

Finally, a commission
platform for modern teams

EqualTo is redefining commission management, empowering both business and technical teams to drive value through incentives

EqualTo for Finance

A seamless, fully automated process that you can trust

EqualTo automates every step, from approvals to payroll, making your commission process effortless and lightning fast.

See all transactions in transparent reward accounts – similar to digital bank accounts but for commission. When your data changes, EqualTo ensures that corrections are applied automatically so payouts are always accurate.

A seamless and fully automated process that you can trust
EqualTo for Sales

Improve transparency and motivation with real-time insights

Create immersive dashboards to show performance in real-time and encourage your teams to achieve more. Surface commission insights on any platform where you want to keep your teams informed – for example in your CRM or on proprietary portals.

Improve transparency and motivation with real-time insights
EqualTo for Sales OPERATIONS

The flexibility of spreadsheets with the power of automation

Create and maintain incentive plans in a true no-code environment and be autonomous from day one.

Unlike other commission software, EqualTo lets you design and maintain any type of plan using spreadsheet logic that your teams are already familiar with.

The flexibility of spreadsheets with the power of automation

Manage your commission process at scale with powerful APIs

Show real-time commission data and charts in existing IT systems, including
your CRM or proprietary portals.

Control the commission approval and dispute resolution processes via API. Programmatically automate repetitive tasks, including quota management.

Manage your commission process at scale with powerful APIs.

Fully integrated with your stack

Connect EqualTo to your CRM, data warehouse, payroll software, HRS, or with any other services that you rely on in your commission process.

Explore integrations

“EqualTo is the single source of truth for our sales commissions that integrates seamlessly with our tech stack.”

Felix Jahn

Felix Jahn

Founder and CEO


Take your commissions
from outdated to automated

EqualTo offers industry-leading features to automate your end-to-end commission process and motivate teams with real-time data.


EqualTo is designed to handle automation at scale. Our stateless commission engine ensures that your payouts are always accurate, regardless of when it receives the data.


Create custom workflows to automate approvals and dispute resolution. Speed up your process while staying compliant. Verify with our audit trail.


Design immersive dashboards and what-if scenarios using intuitive spreadsheet tech. Increase motivation by giving your teams access to commission insights in real-time, on any platform. 


Configure and maintain your commission plans in a flexible spreadsheet editor. Stay in full control as your requirements evolve.

Your data is safe with us

At EqualTo we take your data and its security seriously.

GDPR compliant

We are fully compliant with the requirements of the GDPR, and can execute “Data Processing Agreements” (DPAs) on request.

Enterprise-grade security

We protect your data with industry standard encryption and security best practices. We support “single sign-on” (SSO) so that you can provide secure access to the platform with two-factor authentication (2FA).

Hosted in Germany

All data is stored and processed on ISO-certified Google Cloud Platform (GCP) servers in the Frankfurt region, with single-tenant hosting available as an optional upgrade.

Experience next generation
commission automation

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